My Tight Foreskin Images

From Severe Phimosis to full Retraction by Daily Stretching

For anyone who prefers to just visualise instead of reading my posts, here are some images. As you can see in the first image, there is a tight band of shiny scarred skin. The white scars are the splits I mentioned, which occurred during sex. I tried to be as disciplined as possible with using the Phimocure phimosis rings, but occasionally I was unable to due to convenience/laziness.


Phimosis stretching | Tight Foreskin Images | Phimosis Cure

Beginning to end result from severe phimosis to full retraction


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The task ahead

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Ring number 4

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Ring 6

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Ring 8

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Ring 10, progressing well!

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The final Phimocure ring now fitted!

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Hurrrayyyy! My fully retracted and comfortable foreskin!



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10 thoughts on “My Tight Foreskin Images

  1. Hi, the end result of your penis is retracted i as seen but can you actually retract it back and forth easily? when im fully retracted, it must wait for my penis to be un-erect inorder to pull it back again. Do you have this problem or did the rings make an end to it?

    • Hi Kristian. I can move it back and forth even when erect now. Its taken patience but its been worth it. When erect I suppose the only benefit of retraction is during sex and thats much better now without the discomfort.

      • hi, i just bought phimocure ring, i have tight forskin and i am starting with number 7 but problem is this all ring comes out by sleeping out, do you have solution to make it stay attached?

      • Hi Michle this happened to me when I first tried but it was due to me not inserting the ring into my foreskin correctly. You have to pull back on your foreskin first and when you can see the tightest band of skin, fit the ring so it’s channel is inside the tight skin. They get easy to fit as you get used to them

  2. Hi Ian,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to put together you’re entire experience with the stretching exercises and also the proof to go along with it!
    From researching information on how to resolve it alone is very scarce and so many of us have this issue!
    It’s really refreshing to see that someone actually has had the desired results from exercises alone! I just wish more people could see this because it’s definitely the most helpful thing I have seen online!

  3. Thank you for sharing your journey, bro. You really made me believe this will work. I too have been struggling with intimacy with my girl cause of the phimosis and all we could ever do is oral sex smh lol. I have some questions… so I have a tight foreskin but not as tight as yours before you started, how did you go about desensitising the head when fully retract? How does sex feel now that you can retract fully? How long did it take to receive the kit?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Jay yes nobody wants anything which could be awkward when you first start getting intimate with someone! Initially the head was really sensitive but it seemed to be ok after about 3 weeks of being able to retract fully. Sex is definitely better now and she feels the same too (she says she can feel extra stimulation so I guess that makes me a better lover). It took a week to receive (I’m in the UK).
      I hope it’s going well!

  4. Hi Ian, would you say it is possible to progress to full foreskin retraction in just under 4 weeks? I am starting with the ring number 5 , and will put the rings on for 1 hour , three times a day. Thanks

    • Hi Marc, I would expect so but it depends on the size of your penis head and how elastic your skin is. I’d guess that most would be able to retract at about ring 10 or 11, so if you average 4 days per ring that’s 24 days. It does take time though so I’d aim for a good end result instead of how long it takes.
      Good luck!

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